Beerology 101 - WebOS App and Community for the beer enthusiast.

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  • Send beers to friends via SMS/IM/Email/Facebook/Twitter.
  • Calculates how many beers you can consume based on gender/weight.
  • Favorites list and Tasted list help you keep track of what you've tried and have quick access to information and reviews.
  • Read, write, and rate public or private reviews for any brew.
  • Local Beerology provides you with quick access to local bars.
  • All brew information is stored server-side, so you get the most up to date reviews & info every load.


Version 2.0.0:
Added KIL branding.
New Interface.(List, Icons, Icon layout, Search bar, Details box, Reviews)
New Comment system with ladder ranking.
Now supports Private and Public beer reviews.
Flagging a beer for error is now more detailed.
Now supports Facebook and Twitter sharing.
New Tasted page, showing how many of Beerology's beers you've tried.
Quick access button to local bars.
Added Brewery Location on Details screen.

Version 1.0.0:
Added ability to send Beers via Email
Added "submitted By".
Added ability to add and remove favorites.
Adjusted Help page.

Version 0.7.2:
Added ability to "Taste" beers now.
Added preferences screen.
Now calculates how many beers you can legally consume based on gender/weight.

Version 0.6.9:
Enabled type to search on all lists.
Added BJCP styles.
Fixed various styling issues.
Fixed Add a Beer bug.

Version 0.5.95:
Changed name to Beerology 101.
Converted brew database to server-side.
Added Add a Beer
Added Favorites
Added Reviews
Added Ratings
Redesigned from the ground up

Change Theme