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  • Share spirits to friends via SMS/IM/Email.
  • Calculates how many spirits you can consume based on gender/weight.
  • Favorites list provides quick access to information and reviews on your top spirits.
  • Read, write, and rate spirits and reviews.
  • Don't see a spirit? Add it for youself and everyone else!
  • All spirit information is stored server-side, so you get the most up to date reviews & info every load.


Version 0.7.5:
Pixi compatible.
Adjusted Help screen.

Version 0.6.0:
Added ability to send Spirits via SMS/IM/Email.
Added ability to "Taste" spirits now.
Added preferences screen.
Now calculates how many spirits you can legally consume based on gender/weight.
Added Add a Spirit
Added Favorites
Added Reviews
Added Ratings

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